vermilion (SINDUR) and lead/Mercury

Do women who lecture the world about hazards of Heavy metals like Lead/Mercury/Cadmium know what they are talking about. And if so, then why do they apply Sindhur and expose themselves and people around them with them?

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I am yet to come across a woman with a notably big Sindhur tika lecturing the world about hazards of Heavy metals like Lead/Mercury/Cadmium !

Ankur, pls do not take all foreign articles as authority for any subject and go bashing our age old Indian practices. Am sure just like many, these too had a reason. And I think the vermillion of today is the adultered one. Earlier it was made of turmeric. The western world would’ve freaked out on cow’s urine and turmeric – but look who’s patented them now?

yes its the same… the composition is not standardized.. infact in some places orange color is also used… and since there exists no norms for listing the contents or tests/certifications… shopkeepers r able to get away with almost anything

Hi Ankur.

Can you tell me where you have this information from, and where can I read about this online… I tried googling for Vermillion and heavy metals, but it was little help..

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