Video photography

I believe that video photography is a waste of time. Unless one hires a professional to record the moment, one of the family member would have to sacrifice him for the video. In order to get a good shoot the camera will have to keep rolling for the entire duration and that person would not be able to take part in the celebration. What’s worse is that even though it will be labeled as “My kid’s first step” in reality it would be like the 10th or the 15th step. This is because an amateur videographer typically has to witness a wow moment, break away and then go to retrieve the camera and request the people around to restage the entire sequence. Sometimes in their enthusiasm, people make hours and hours of video footage not realizing that most likely no one will ever watch the whole movie ever.

Still photography on the other hand leads only to a momentary disruption of the normal course of the party and the photographer can join the gang again. Also one can save, cherish and display the select portions of the zillion photos that were shot. Hence the chances that a particular photo is shared, preserved and viewed is more likely than an hour long video of a stupid birthday party.

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