We will think about it

There is always a difference between what a person intends to say, what he says and what those words means. Since the society expects us to be polite and diplomatic, often what we say and what we meant to say are totally opposite. However all that counts is what the recipient interprets those words and a test of smartness is how well the person can pick the clues and his interpretation is close to the true intention of the person.

For example words like “We will think about it” might suggest giving some hope to the audience, but in reality it is a way to procrastinate things indefinitely.

Similarly any social meeting/date requires all the parties to agree on 3 things.
1. The idea of spending time with the person
2. A mutually convenient time
3. A venue that is socially apt and is comfortable.

Often to cut short a conversation with an acquaintance, we say words like “This was good, we should do it sometime again”. However if neither party makes any attempt from the either side to fix the time or venue, it just means the end of the entire conversation. It’s just that they want to end it on a happy note so that next time fate brings them together, then could build on this pleasant foundation.

Often people confuse between being polite and being friendly. If they are lucky, they don’t have to learn from these mistakes the hard way. However I wonder if there is a place where one can get a crash course on social skills.

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