Who should be blamed for rape…

I agree Rape is a heinous crime that should not go unpunished, but I still am strongly against the idea of death penalty to the accused.

1) I feel that for the current misery of the victims, the society is much to blame. The fact that so and so was made to feel helpless and taken advantage of should be of nobody’s favorite tea-time topic. However, what the reality tends out to be is, that people start passing judgments on the victim. Why do you people not forget it an unfortunate incident, or at least do not talk about it.
2) We tend to forget the fact that that particular female had the courage to face the world and demand justice. She could as well have sat home for a couple of days till the bruises heal up and forgotten the whole incident as a nightmare. This is what that bastard would have loved. Don’t let this be lost in the unending list of forgotten crusaders.
3) Being raped does mean that the female is no longer a virgin, but it does not make her any impure. Instead of lending a helping hand and support, we kick her out of her life like scum. This to me looks like a case of punishment to the victim.
4) Giving death penalty actually makes the matters worse. It gives the accused access to endless appeals, hearings and re-hearings. With enough money and good lawyers, he could have the case dragged endlessly and might even drive her to bankruptcy.
5) Did I encourage my brother to rape me by bringing him a glass of water which he asked for?

Last, but not the least, what I find most interesting about we Indians are that we might not have access to facts, but we always have opinions. (Well I am counting myself too).
More than two-third of the minor rapes is done by the people whom the victim knows. Many times it was the friendly uncle or the cousin (or even brother) whom your parents repeatedly encouraged you to spend time with. He played with you and robbed you of your innocence. You were made to experience things before you could pronounce what they were.

Chanakya’s views—–
In case you are wondering why I draw the above line is simply to demark the venture. These posts were originally by Pegasus and I am just adding my thoughts to it.

Now rape is an ever sensitive issue and also an explosive one.
As far as death penalty is concerned I don’t believe in it no matter for whatever crimes. There are too many cases off innocent people being given the death sentence. While i am not completely in favor of the argument “should hundred guilty people be let free but no innocent person should be jailed” but I do believe that no innocent person should be punished. One of the biggest things which we have to deal with in any case is the mindset of what is right and what is wrong. What is true today may well be false tomorrow. The good like truth is all relative. What is true today may definitely not be tomorrow. If it is a tidy desk today it may not be so tomorrow (consider this as regarding my desk as a white lie 😛 ). While in case of wrong or right it might take centuries for mindsets to be changed.

For example let me talk about a certain book called the Kamasutra. It was perfectly acceptable for a male to carry off a female and rape her and then make her his wife. It is written so in the book which includes how to drug her to stupor so that she doesn’t know about what his happening, then take the customary saath pheras (7 nuptial rounds around the holy fire) and then rape her. This was acceptable in those days. Now it is wrong or is it?

Recently two years back an Indian judge resolved a case where the rapist married the raped girl and everybody lived happily ever after (except the girl of course, did anybody ask her why she filed the case in the first place ???? to get married or to get justice). This is our system of justice (sheesh).

Does this mean i believe in rape? Never. To me rape has always been something by which the male tries to show that he is more powerful than the female. It is as someone put it very nicely has become a method of showing who is in control. A from of repressing the females of our kind. So is the present day any better than the past? I will come to our hypocrite society in a while let me just dwell for a while. The word rape has been put so much into our conscious as a manly thing to do. Yes you are surprised when I say this. Yet I am stating this with solid facts. How many times have we stated that our cricket team got raped/ fucked by the other team? ‘I raped him’ when one has had a pretty success against another person. To fuck, to rape was and is a symbol of manhood. While some may say fuck is ok, but one must realize that it is mostly utilized in the context that one gained control over the other against the other person’s wishes. So much has raped infiltrated our physic that even while knowing it is a despicable act we use it as a description for other acts of valor.

What it comes down to after all is a question of the definition of rape.
As defined by our justice system it falls into various accounts:-
1) having sex with a woman (repeat woman) without her consent
2) having sex with with with her forced consent.
3) having sex with a woman who is in an inebriated state.
4) having sex with a child who is below 16 yrs of age with or without consent.

However it is ok to have sex with a 12+ yr old if you have married her. Yeah this is our judicial system or was I don’t know if any amendments have been made.

Coming to our society (my favorite basing point our so called great culture and society). I distinctly remember a movie featuring Juhi Chawla, Anil Kapoor where Anil Kapoor rapes Juhi on the day of her marriage. So no marriage even though the groom has no problems.. Juhi says she is not worthy of him anymore or some shit to that effect. She leaves her house to go to her nurse and surprise surprise she finds Anil Kapoor the gunda out there. Then she immediately falls in love with him for he is an orphan ect. Then she starts pestering him and then Anil Kapoor declares to the entire basti he raped her. her nurse throws her out she starts living with him and then he falls in love with her when she says she can only marry him because her mom had said that the one who fucks her the first time should be her husband. Now this movie was a hit. The rest I leave to you.

The stigma attached to a female who is raped is perhaps the worst outcome of the act. I will not say that it happens only in India but it happens all over the world. What is surprising is to note that females all over the world have suffered from prosecution. And this happens all over the world. The worst case is that not only the has the female got to face the taunts of the entire society but also of her own family. For some unknown reason people believe that wearing short skirts etc are an invitation to rape, because in our culture short skirts are bad. Sheesh and rape isn’t huh? Prevention is better than cure they say. Don’t wear short skirts etc and you wont be raped. That hasn’t happened has it. People still get raped don’t they. yeah but at least that one deserved it. If this isn’t hypocrisy what is?

Another great issue i find is the case of purity and impurity. What the fuck does it mean. A girl is impure because she isn’t a virgin. What crap. This is something i personally believe has been made by insecure males who are afraid that they may not be able to satisfy their wives if their have had sex earlier. The great male ego. I am a male and i find this the shittiest thing in the whole world. Someone else has to suffer so that ur ego dosen’t burst. Fuck ur gf but when u marry u want a virgin. I won’t even talk of the mathematics of the thing.

As for minor rapes. What can i say the fact that it happens is a shame in itself. What drives these people i don’t know but should they be hanged i don’t know but i would definitely prefer not to see the alive or waste taxpayers money rotting in jail. yeah hang them i just had a sudden change in mind. Those were just kids u asshole.

Another great controversy is spouse rape. It has come to fore and then in the great Indian tradition been shelved. Does marriage automatically give you the right to rape your wife?
So you marry so that u have some one to fuck when ever you want? This is an issue which India must deal with. Especially when our judges are handing out such judgments.

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inspiring views, if only they could be propogated to our dumb and deaf society…

but seriously guys, hearing these things from a man’s mouth, given hope that there r some men who have the sensibility in them , and respect enough for women.

keep that up!

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