Who will have the window seat?

Has anybody visited a poultry farm? It is a stack of cube shaped cages in which the chicken can barely fit itself.
I always believe that offices/cube-farms are also similar containments for the workforce.
The world is never equal. Then why are offices standardized and equal?

The zeal to achieve standardization is so high that they kill all possible possibilities of enhancements.
1) Towards the periphery there are external windows which are a source of daylight (which improves productivity). But the cubicles next to it will have the standard partition. And Facilities will yell at you if you remove this partition.
2) In the center of a cube farm, there are usually pillars supporting the roof. Since they cannot fit an entire cube in it, conveniently they leave it blank and wasted. Can’t the designers make the neighboring cubicles bigger by one panel so that this extra space could be utilized? NOoooo! That is blasphemy.

If hotels can design rooms such that each room has a balcony facing outside, then why can’t offices?

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