Why do I blog?

I started blogging way back in 2005 with a simple aim to improve my English. English is not my mother tongue and more often than I was stumbling for the right words. This is probably the reason why almost all the posts are in as good English as possible free from any spelling or grammatical errors.

Like the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, over the years, I moved from the need to be able to write correct English, to the need to be able to crystallize one’s thoughts and express my ideas and viewpoints. Now this blog often serves as a vehicle where I can store my opinion. Over the past 5 years I have seen my viewpoints being changed. What is even better is that more often than not the regular reader or someone who stumbles into the website will contribute his view points and either refine or totally change them. So this place has become a kind of a melting pot. As far as possible I try to reference the source and make the facts discussed in the blog to be as accurate as possible. There have been many instances where my view took a complete U-Turn after these researches and comments from the viewers.

E-Nagar is a team blog and every person in the team has a different reason to be here and of course a different viewpoint. We don’t advertize on the blog or derive any revenue from it. On the contrary we pay quite a sum every year for the domain name and the hosting of the website.

A lot of people blog to generate traffic, however I could not get myself into doing that. Also my writing style is not engaging enough that I can retain my viewer’s attention. However I feel that the quality has improved dramatically over the years. I try to have as much variety in the blog as possible and usually restrict the length to 200-400 words so that it is not too long and torturous.

This post is to celebrate over 8000 user comments and nearly 1400 blog posts over nearly 5 years.

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you know what yours is the only blog i follow that to without feed, apart from few specified links. and i like coming here from time to time. I liked the background today 🙂

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