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William Wallace

William was born as a common man at a time when his country people were being oppressed by England. The tyrant ruler had installed military bases all over his region and installed puppet government on the land. The spineless Scottish nobility sucked up to English King and seek his blessings and intervention for the tiniest of dispute. They levied heavy taxes and then gave all the farm produce to the English as tribute. Hence in spite of all what the Mother Nature had given them, the peasant folk were left with nothing to eat.

Wallace inspired the common man to take charge of their own destiny and unite against the oppressors. The English alarmed of the moment, tried to crush him by treachery and numerous assassination attempts. Foiling each and every one, William send out a strong message by capturing York (the biggest English castle in the region). However finally the determined English did manage to buy out his allies and capture him alive.

William was brought back to London and tried like a common outlaw. After a mock trial, he was charged with countless fictitious conspiracies and sentenced to death. The death of this legend united the Scots and inspired them to beat the English out of Scotland.

Why am I writing this?
Try replacing William Wallace with Saddam Hussein, Scotland with the Arab nation of Iraq, England with America, Tyrant with Bush and York with Kuwait.
Tell me one thing:
If all the crime Saddam did was to kill 146 innocent civilians, then Bush killed more than 2000 young American GI and several tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Why is he not getting tried?

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Saddam is a dictator and I am willing to bet is responsible for more gruesome murders than Bush. Bush is a democratically elected politician and may have indirectly killed many through wars, but then all govenments do that. Americans have the choice whether to join the military or not whereas in Iraq people have no choice but to follow the dictator.

maybe he is responsible for death as US claims.. or maybe this story is like the story of WMD.. I cannot confirm or deny. As a dictator he has to maintain order and ensure that nobody in the opposition is strong enough to engineer a coup.
Just like you said… “but then all governments do that” …

All I am saying the Iraqis under him prospered.
1) the infant mortality under Iraq was the lowest in the Middle East. People had water, electricity, schools, and hospital.
2) Saddam had less links with Al-Quida and other Islamic extremists than US, Pak, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan or Syria.
3) The government allowed people a right of self-expression. Women were never forced to wear Veils, men to maintain beards. It had more freedom of press than any of its neighbors.

For India it is a great loss, because India was one of the biggest importer or illegal (and hence cheaper) Iraqi Oil. And Saddam was probably our strongest ally in the region.

When and why did William Wallace capture York? After Edward the Longshank invaded Scotland and imprisoned King Balliol, and his followers ensued a reign of terror and oppression in Scotland, Wallace was forced to take up the arms on the behalf of his countrymen. It is true that he invaded the counties of Northumberland and Cumberland, but that was a counter-attack to Edward’s army,the main aim of which was to free these places of the English garrisons which threatened the security of the lower reaches of Scotland. Can it be compared to Saddam’s unprovoked invasion of Kuwait in the early nineties, and exploiting its wealth, which led to the ravaging Gulf-War in 1991, causing the death of thousands of Iraqis, Kuwaities, Israelites, Americans and other nationals, penuries and destitution of even more, and a parmanent destruction of fiscal supremacy of the Gulf countries? It cannot be compared to the revolt of Wallace, who was not the first one to draw his claymore, rather he was compelled to return a thrust of the rapier of a much stronger adversary. And if Saddam reserves the right to invade a much weaker nation like Kuwait, which brought about long hardships and forced a large-scale exodus of the Kuwaity people, so does the Western nation who did the same to Iraq. Another quote that has been conclusively proved in history is: ‘Might is right’

saddam killed innocent iraqi civilians..he was a tyrant loyal to no one…he desreve all the hate and suffering. i dunno y he was even tried in hte first place he should have been killed ages ago.

bush is no better thn saddam but thn two bad things cant give you any good result.

well sir… the only thing common about the citizens world over is that hey hate their leaders and politicians (elected/dictator) yet somehow these guys manage to get themselves elected over and over again

indeed Sir William Wallace was a great man who never hesitated defending his country from the British opression. For this reason, I regard him as one of the most fascinating, bravest men who have ever born. His big courage will be remembered forever.

Haven’t you noticed how former friends that were put in power or supported by the US thru the CIA seem to later become the US enemies? Ever heard of Batista in Cuba, of Trujillo in Dominican Republic, of Noriega in Panama, of Somoza in Nicaragua, These were put in power by the US and taken out when not doing the US bidding. Saddam was the ally and friend of the US in the Middle east, we gave him the arms and the poison gas to kill the Kurds and the iranians. He invaded Kuwait because as a close friend of President Bush 1, he thought he could get away with it. but Bushes alliance with Saudi Arabia was greater and that spelled his fall from grace. Osama Bin Laden was the CIA’s man in Afganistan when they were fighting against the Russians for 10 yrs until they drove them out with American Stinger missiles.
Wake up! Its the US permanent gov which is run from the pentagon and the arms manufacturers who are running the foreing relations of the US. Name how many countries have bases in 130 other countries? Only one. So tell me who are the warmongers.

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